kids playing with a kinetic ball sculpture

Custom Interactives

Visitors expect a lot out of their museum experience. They expect to learn and, above all else, they expect to be entertained. KidZibits has years of experience creating interactives and games that delight and inspire, and can withstand the toughest visitors. Whether you need someone to fabricate a simple interactive or design a complicated program from the ground up, KidZibits is ready to help.
outdoor water exhibit Capital Region Watershed District

Pocket Park Interactive

magnetic building pieces Art Guild

Custom Magnetic Activity Pieces

sea bird feeding chicks exhibit Monterey Bay Aquarium

Chick Feeding Interactive

kinetic ball sculpture Family Museum of Bettendorf

Kinetic Ball Sculpture

children's crane and quarry exhibit Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota

Coughlan Quarry Crane

children's ferris wheel exhibit Discovery Depot Children's Museum

Interactive Museum Exhibits

mayan calendar interactive Escape MSP

Mayan Calendar Puzzle

outdoor water cistern exhibit Maplewood Mall

Interactive Cistern

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